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MoPix Platform Highlights

The MoPix platform lets anyone with video or film content create rich, dynamic DVD-like experiences and create engaging communities for fans. Here are a few highlights of the MoPix platform.

Super simple CMS

Changing your content has never been easier. MoPix allows you to manage what/when/how content is delivered to your audience, and at what price. Want to add more photos? Have free content and/or additional purchases? MoPix makes it easy to make adjustments on-the-fly.

Grow as we grow

Multiple platforms

Once a film is in the MoPix content locker, it is accessible via a broad number of devices including web, tablets, iPad, iPhone and Android devices and soon, Facebook and Connected TVs. MoPix is continuously adding new device support, helping content creators reach an increasingly larger audience over time.

Grow as we grow


The MoPix platform gives video creators pertinent analytics on user demographics, watching habits, most successful features, and other insightful statistics. Previously only available to large film studios, MoPix now puts crucial analytics in the hands of all content owners.

Fan Analytics

Cloud file transfer

MoPix integrates with Amazon, Dropbox and other cloud services to make managing content files pain- and worry-free. No more worrying about how you are going to transfer and manage your video files.

Direct Access

Direct fan access

Content creators can instantly and directly connect with their fans across the world through MoPix’ social and rich push notifications. The platform makes direct linkage between filmmakers and fans possible for the first time ever.

Fan Analytics

Customized viewing experiences

We allow you to upload wide range of featured content; including “behind the scenes” footage, scripts, and photo galleries. The platform is built to support film distribution, but also can be used for marketing and promotions to enable a constant interaction between the film property and fans from pre-production to film release.

Creative Control


Are you a studio? Or do you just need some extra TLC?

We offer customized development and design or white label marketplace solutions to give you an instant "Video Shelf" to host and sell all your titles. If you have multiple movies or videos or just want to bundle all the "stuff" related to your company into your own platform outside of MoPix, then the MoPix "Video Shelf" is exactly what you need. We have developed the technological infrastructure to let studios, distributors, and video producers set up their own digital marketplaces using the MoPix platform.

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